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What is Lock Your Spot 360 and why you should !!JOIN NOW!!
Lock Your Spot and the 360 degree opportunity is a new network marketing company that has taken the web by storm. The people behind the 360 opportunity started a pre launch website on April, 10th 2010 for people to sign up 100% free, and under no obligation. The company is officially launching there products on May 15th.
So Why Should You get involved now?
• 100% Free sign up and Lock Your Spot now, and with no obligation to get involved until May 15th 2010.
• Currently around 2000 people a day are joining this company and signs of a slow down are nowhere in sight. In fact in my experience this opportunity is actually still gaining strength.
• Most importantly the power of this opportunity lies in the fact that everyone who joins the organization after you sign up gets automatically placed in your corporate down line. And, yes ladies and gentleman "I SAID EVERYONE, WORLDWIDE". You can sign up now by clicking on the link below:

So what does that mean for you? Let give you my own example. I signed for this opportunity on April 16th. As of this writing, today is April 20th. In only 4 days the Lock Your Spot 360 website has generated 8408 sign ups after mine. All 8408 are in my corporate down line. What this means for me is that even if only 10% of that total, actually take the next step on May 15th, and get involved, I stand to make a commission off of 840 people from day one. And this does not even count all the people you personally refer into the program.
With this kind of system in place, the money that you could make in even your 1st month is mind boggling. If you would like to sign up now go to:

For those of you still in doubt, let me ask you a question. Do you know where all the people who got involved with Amway, In it's first year, are today? What about Avon? Well I don't know either, but I do know that a whole lot of them who stuck with it, and built their business in that 1st year are retired MULTI-MILLIONAIRES today.
I make that point because not all network marketing companies are created equal.Today these companies are thriving, billion dollar a year businesses that have been responsible for helping tens of thousands of people build a successful home based business of their own. So with that in mind let ask you another question.
• If you knew 20 years ago, what you know today, about Amway or Avon, Would you have taken action and gotten involved?
Just think about that for a moment. Now as I said earlier not all network marketing companies are created equal. The ones that succeed, and flourish all have a few common characteristics that anyone should always look for in deciding whether, or not to get involved. These common characteristics are what separate the successful companies from the vast majority of all new businesses that fail.
1. Great Products: In determining a companies success, or failure it all starts with the products the company has to offer. Does the company you are considering have great products, that people not only want, but far more importantly, products that people need.
2. Leadership: Having great products is very important in starting a new company, but just as important is the leadership of the organization itself. Before you invest in any business opportunity you want to be assured the companies leadership has the management and business experience to succeed in what ever industry they represent.
3. Infrastructure: If you have great products and great leadership behind you than your chances of success in the marketplace are much higher. But, without the third component of a strong corporate infrastructure your company could still be doomed to failure. You want to make sure the company you get involved with can represent you to your customers with excellent customer service, and distribution. When your customer orders products, and you guarantee a delivery, you need to have confidence in your companies ability to back you up every step of the way.

These three components are the most critical things a company must have in place before you should even consider investing your time, energy, and money in. If you are not 100% confident in that companies ability to represent you, then why would you ever want to represent them.
Benefits of joining the Lock you Spot 360 opportunity today:
• Leadership: The leadership behind this companies launch is a group of professional network marketing specialists that have a combined experience in the business, of over 100 years in network marketing, and over 1 BILLION dollars in sales
• Great Products: The 360 family has not just one, but a complete line of great products centered about the 3 billion+ a year health, wellness, and weight management industries.
• Infrastructure: The 360 family has it's physical headquarters in Florida and has everything already in place, from the facilities, management, and support staff, to provide for a long and successful future. They have done everything the right way to make a successful world wide launch on May 15th 2010.

These are the key ingredients to a successful company, and there is no obligation to get involved right now. Even if you are only the slightest bit curious I urge you to sign up now at:

Seriously ladies and gentlemen, this is a no brainer here. The longer you wait to sign up the more people join ahead of you and the farther you fall in corporate down line. If you get in now you still have 25 days to watch your down line grow and grow and grow. It's easy to recommend a business opportunity to someone when you can see for yourself the massive potential your investment in this opportunity can return to you in the very first month.
There's not much else I can say about it, but even if you still doubt the Lock Your Spot 360 opportunity, then I challenge you to sign up anyway. A single of action taken today can change your life forever. So here's my challenge:
• Go to and sign up to lock your spot
• Once your signed up you will get a confirmation email, you can log in to your very own back office. I want you to sign up and then ignore it for 2 hours. Just shut computer off and go do something else for 2 hours.
• Then come back after that two hours and log into your back office. You will be astonished at how many people are now in your own corporate down line in just a mere 2 hours.
If you take up me on this challenge you will see a minimum of 100 to 200 people already in your corporate down line. I am sure of it because I have seen it in action 24 hours a day for the last 4 days. If that alone is not enough to get you excited about the potential of this opportunity, then nothing will. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. So please don't wait another day to take steps to change your life and your financial future. Sign up now and Lock Your Spot for life. Here's the link one more time

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7th May 2010

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Welcome To 360 Degrees

Who we are and what we believe.

The timing is pure magic! Over the past 20 years, a handful of successful leaders have generated nearly 1 billion dollars in sales in their respective companies. Now, they have joined forces to create something so cool, so unique, and so revolutionary, you don’t want to miss it.

On May 15, 2010, On May 15, 2010, you will hear everything you need to know about a brand new company you can call home. Tune in right here for the live launch!

Immediately after the live event, log into your Lock Your Spot website to start to qualify to earn on everyone who signed up after you… whether you referred them or not!

We’ll replay the event at 9 p.m. and midnight ET, so if anyone you know missed it, they will have another chance to catch the excitement.

How are our leaders creating the last network marketing company you will ever want to join? By putting it all on the line. By getting in the trenches. By assembling the best field and executive leadership team this industry has ever seen. By merging the most successful approaches to multiple industries and developing a unified strategy to put your dreams and passion in the driver’s seat.

You won’t find our proven, simple, duplicable system anywhere else. The vision is fearless. The diverse leadership team is uniquely qualified and positioned to
support you.

The invitation to our company carries the full 360-degree promise of improving by degrees in everything we do.

Our ultimate goal is to help you come 360 degrees with your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Donna Valdes
How many field leaders do you know who can boast of building organizations with more than 24,000 people and over $75 million in sales? This accomplished leader can, yet you’ll never see her patting herself on the back. Instead, she travels the world – from the U.S. to Europe to Canada to Asia to Mexico – teaching people just like you the secrets of her success. She’s been a consistent top enroller and top performer, and has been featured in the pages of many industry publications. This is one woman to follow.

Bill & Teressa Williams
How’d you like to retire in your 40s? This couple did. Then they started working for themselves, earning in excess of $1 million and helping their team members generate 6-figure incomes. Now they don’t even consider it work, but instead focus on building relationships and creating a lasting legacy for their children and grandchildren. Golf, fishing, and traveling are pretty important to them too.

Phillip Le Blanc
In just over a year and half, this 4-hour work week specialist built a team of over 8,000 people and created millions of dollars in team commissions. He has directly consulted CEO's of numerous Network Marketing companies on branding and marketing strategies. Over the years he has created training systems currently being used by million dollar earners and Multi-Million Dollar Brands recognized globally.

Smart Products.
We believe in Smart Products in all areas of life, and that’s what we’re bringing to the world.

At 360, the biggest thing in product development is actually quite small. At the microscopic level of human cells, our proprietary product ingredient enhances nutrient absorption and supports healthy cell performance. This can increase the energy and mental clarity of those who take our products, often within a few days. In addition, well-nourished cells are better able to rid themselves of toxins, battle the aging affects of free radicals, and support a stronger immune system.

This nutritional breakthrough is both cellular and electromagnetic, as research scientist, electrolyte expert, and product developer Dr. Shawn Mueller explains.

“An electromagnetic charge is critical to every process in the human body. The quality of these charges is linked to the health of cells. My patent-pending technology speeds absorption, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in food and supplements. The cell is where health begins and ends. That’s why the difference increased cellular energy makes in the body is so profound and powerful.”

Dr. Mueller holds a Ph.D in Naturopathy with degrees in Exercise Sceince, Psychology, Phlebotomy, and Neuromuscular Theraphy. His revolutionary technology is the result of decades of research and testing in sports science, fitness, and physical therapy.

360 promotes cellular health for all 360 degrees of life and encourages a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Go Global!

What does going global with 360 mean? It means you can start an international business from the comfort of your home, and leave all the customs, inventory, and shipping to us.

We’re launching around the world from Day 1. With a corporate office in Sarasota, Florida, backed by state-of-the-art technology including software we own, in-house customer service staff, a sales and marketing division, and full-service packing and shipping onsite. We already have offices in Jamaica, Singapore, and Malaysia, and we’re opening soon in the Philippines, Australia, and around the world.

Nowadays, everyone knows about the limitless potential of owning an international business. Now you can get in on that potential, without a big investment.

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Global Downline

After signup, you will get like this...

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